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We've been taught to work hard, and we can be wealthy. That's not true. Working hard will create money for us, but not wealth. Capital (Money) creates wealth. The wealthiest people build systems to obtain wealth. We should always thrive to build a system. For example, lets say you were to start a janitorial business. Janitorial businesses are relatively easy to start. For arguments sake lets assume you are the only employee. You go out and you get a contract to clean 2 small buildings 4 nights a week for $1000 per month. To properly clean these buildings it would take you about 4 hours per night for you to clean them. Now, you could work that and make a part time income. But that will never create wealth for you. Remember, concentrate on building a system. 

In this scenario, create a company that obtains contracts, then you subcontract that work out to other companies. In other words you give the contract to another company and pay them $700 to do the work your company gets $1000 to complete. The work is being completed by another company while the system you created earns you $300 per month. If you obtain thirty contracts, your company will earn $9,000 per month. The more contracts you obtain, the more you make. You're not actually completing the labor, but you're earning more than the people who are. 

Many companies have business models similar to this.
They create systems to earn money, because they realize labor, doesn't create the wealth.
Whatever business you create, always think of a system to build. If you're the labor, you won't become wealthy. If you create a system, you'll be renamed a "job creator", and you'll be on your way to wealth.

<![CDATA[We Are Not Immune]]>Sun, 09 Aug 2015 20:42:41 GMThttp://www.thenewblackcodes.com/changing-our-mindset-codes/we-are-not-immune
It's a difficult proposition being black in America. While the laws of allowing people to be openly discriminatory are gone, the practices can still exist. Some people refuse to believe discrimination based on race still exists in our country.
But it does. It does it subtle ways that people who aren't black, have no idea about. There are countless stories of discrimination based on race. Here's an example. One of the producers of the Howard Stern Radio show recounts how a business he worked for covertly treated black people.
I have my own story about dealing with things of this nature. I had started my own buy and resell business, where I would deliver to my customers. I was delivering a big item to a customer. I had spoken with the customer to confirm delivery and iron out the particulars. Our conversation lasted about 5 minutes.
When I arrived at her home at the scheduled time, I noticed that the she was looking at me in a strange way. I had seen the same "type" of look before from other customers. I didn't think much of it. Once I was inside her home and spoke with her for a little bit, I felt she became a little more comfortable with me. She then said "You know, on the phone you sounded like a white man", I laughed it off saying "No." She said "that's not a bad thing, but had I known you were not white, I probably wouldn't have bought this from you." 

I've seen that look from other customers, could they have been thinking the same thing - but just didn't verbalize it? I couldn't know for sure.

That's when it hit me. Simply having your own business isn't good enough. We need a community of supporters for our businesses. If we have to rely on other people outside of our community, they can simply say - not interested - and our businesses will fail.
<![CDATA[What are codes?]]>Sun, 09 Aug 2015 08:05:51 GMThttp://www.thenewblackcodes.com/changing-our-mindset-codes/what-are-codes
The purpose of this website is to create  traditions for the communal development and advancement of blacks in America, through "codes". We believe collectively we as black people have the knowledge, information, tips, secrets and resources to fix what plagues our community. We call these tidbits of information - codes. To complete this we need the full support of our community. 
We need:
Our teachers to teach us what we should know.

Our entrepreneurs to teach us about starting businesses.

Our accountants to teach us about tax codes.

Our investors to teach us about investing.

Our traders to teach us about trading,

Our lawyers to teach us what we should know about the law.

Our health professionals to tell us what we need to know about being and staying healthy.

Our nutritionist who can teach us about nutrition.

Our coaches who can help keep us motivated.

I think you get the picture. We need each other to progress. Submit a code.
<![CDATA[Things We Should Stop Doing]]>Sun, 09 Aug 2015 06:54:40 GMThttp://www.thenewblackcodes.com/changing-our-mindset-codes/things-we-should-stop-doing
There have been laws and practices designed to keep us in place, those laws don't exist anymore, but some of the practices still do. We have to identify the laws, and practices, understand their intent, and work to accomplish the opposite of the laws and practices, intended for us.
We've seen the game and the strategy to make it easier for us to fall into the establishment traps. All we have to do is reverse, what was set into place.

We know what the plan for our family has been. Divide and conquer, Drive enmity between the black man and the black woman. Heavily market and sensationalize the worst behavior of our people through music. Enrich a few who partake in it,  so the children then aspire to be that which only leads to prison or the grave,

We know what the plan for our economic status, Keep us as consumers, and not developers. 

We know the traps for our health, make the worst possible foods, and restaurant chains - cheap and extremely accessible. 
<![CDATA[A Call to Action]]>Sun, 09 Aug 2015 06:52:31 GMThttp://www.thenewblackcodes.com/changing-our-mindset-codes/a-call-to-action
This is a call to duty. I understand that a lot of men won't be willing to do this because of the size, scope, and difficulty inherent in the task. That's understandable. However, please understand I wouldn't call you to duty if you weren't absolutely needed. 
We are in a turmoil when it comes to our families. We have a disproportionate amount of fatherless children in our community. It's hurting us. Studies have shown, single mother households are more likely to be in poverty. Children who come from povertyincreases their chance of leading a life of crime. Criminals have a harder time receiving gainful employment, which in turn, keeps them in poverty. Can you see the vicious cycle? Government programs aren't helping, our women aren't able to end this cycle - it's up to us! We must step up and change this cycle. We are the cause of it, and only we can fix it.
Now, back to my call to action. We need to make this our priority and responsibility. We can no longer say these fatherless children are the problem of someone else. We simply do not have that luxury. They are a direct reflection on the health of our community. After all it takes a village to raise a child.  We need to help raise these children. Volunteer, become a mentor. Start a non profit organization that creates mentorships for our fatherless children. Consider dating and marrying worthwhile single mothers. 
<![CDATA[The Hip Hop Message is Hurting Us]]>Sun, 09 Aug 2015 06:49:43 GMThttp://www.thenewblackcodes.com/changing-our-mindset-codes/the-hip-hop-message-is-hurting-us
The message behind the Hip Hop Culture is hurting us as a community. The overwhelming message of violence, sexual promiscuity, wasteful spending and illegal activity is Let me be clear, there's nothing wrong with hip hop intrinsically, to a healthy community when viewed as a form of entertainment.
Our community isn't healthy. We are incarcerated at much higher rates than other races,(illegal activity) absent fathers are at higher rates than other races, (sexual promiscuity) and we are the poorest community in our nation (wasteful spending). We are not healthy. Just like we wouldn't feed fast food to a patient recovering from a heart attack, we can't continue to feed hip hop to our sick community. 
If we are to change for the better, our mindset and our cultural messages also have to change for the better.
<![CDATA[One of the Problems]]>Sun, 09 Aug 2015 06:45:24 GMThttp://www.thenewblackcodes.com/changing-our-mindset-codes/one-of-the-problems
The Black Codes, were designed to keep us as black people on the bottom rung of the economic ladder. The bottom of the economic ladder, by default puts us at bottom of the political and social ladders as well. When we are on the bottom rung, we get stepped on - politically, socially and economically. 
Unfortunately, this is the condition we find ourselves in. Stepped on. There's only one language that is spoken in this society. Wealth, Ownership and Community. If we don't learn to speak that language we will remain at the bottom. 
We believe we have been designated to be at the bottom rung. Laws put us there, practices keep us there. We have to change those practices.
Most other races in the United States have wealth, and ownership collectively. This is obtained through helping each other start and run businesses, the community in turn patronizes those businesses, allowing them to further expand.
We  as black people need to follow the example set by other races. 
<![CDATA[Controlling Our Own Money]]>Sat, 08 Aug 2015 21:09:53 GMThttp://www.thenewblackcodes.com/changing-our-mindset-codes/controlling-our-own-money
There’s only one language that is spoken and heard in this society. That’s the language of power. Power is obtained through wealth and ownership - wealth and ownership is obtained through capital.  It’s important that we know and understand this dynamic.
You see in a capitalistic society like this one, a lower class is a necessity. the lower class is made up of the people who don’t have wealth, who don’t have ownership, and who have limited to no access to capital. 

A lower class of workers is needed to drive the economy for the wealthy upper class.  Since slavery, we have been designated to be that lower class. We were brought here as slaves. Our purpose was to be workers. We were used by the wealthy to increase their power, their influence and their wealth. 

It's still happening today.

Since slavery there have been laws and practices set up to keep us as that lower class. One set of laws was called the black codes. The black codes were designed to keep newly freed slaves in a labor economy based on low wages and debt – sound familiar?
It should because that is the state of us as black people today.  Low wages and debt, and being disproportionately denied access to wealth building capital.
I was always taught, if we don’t change something, we will find ourselves in the same or worse position, this time next year. So, we have to decide to change something. 
<![CDATA[Defining Our Direction]]>Sat, 08 Aug 2015 14:59:28 GMThttp://www.thenewblackcodes.com/changing-our-mindset-codes/defining-our-direction
Imagine trying to prepare for something without knowing what you are preparing for. We wouldn't know what or how to prepare. Going scuba diving would require a different set of training, tools and preparation then that of hiking. Knowing where we are going will help us determine the tools that are needed. 
We must prepare to do battle and equip ourselves with the weapons of American societal warfare - Health, Wealth, Community, and Ownership. In American society, with these items in order - it demands notice. This is what we currently do not possess - without it we are weak. A wolf without the pack, even a strong wolf, isn't much of a problem. However, a pack full of strong healthy wolves, with direction is a major issue. The strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf. We as black people in America must be like the wolf in its prowess. The wolf knows it draws its strength from the pack. The wolf knows its ability to eat, fight, hunt and survive - relies on the pack. The wolf also realizes its individual health is its ticket to being a viable member of the pack.  This is our direction in America. We must develop ourselves. Become and remain physically and mentally healthy. Become individually strong through wealth and ownership, develop our communities - together. If we want to stop police brutality - unfair laws and sentencing, we have to do it together. Because nobody picks on a wolf, when that wolf, belongs to a pack. 

Becoming A More Dynamic and Powerful Member of American Society

 Action Plan -Whenever you can - buy black. Go out of your way to purchase from black owned businesses. This is exactly what other races do, when they come to this country. They understand, strength and community viability comes from the conscious effort of financial support through commerce. Share this site with another black person. Become a subscriber. Give a bit of your information, knowledge, and/or experience, because you are needed.
<![CDATA[The Myth of the Magic Pill]]>Tue, 04 Aug 2015 07:05:49 GMThttp://www.thenewblackcodes.com/changing-our-mindset-codes/the-myth-of-the-magic-pill
What is the magic pill? The magic pill is the thing that allows you to instantly lose weight. It is the scheme that gets you instantly wealthy or rich, it’s the thing that keeps your family together, It's the thing that will build our communities. It's the thing that keeps your relationship together.
The magic pill DOES NOT EXIST.

There are countless companies, people and institutions, that prey on those of us who want the easy, simple, one step fix. It's a lie. It doesn't exist. Don't fall for it.The lottery is one example. Studies have shown, minorities play the lottery disproportionately to whites. The chances of winning the lottery are stacked against anyone who plays. Will somebody win, statistically yes, will it be you, statistically, no. 
States, people and corporations are benefiting greatly from our false hopes, the false hopes they are selling us. They make billions of dollars by selling a dream, a dream which statistically will not manifest in reality.

The magic pill has no magic. It bribes you with a ton of false hopes.  It’s time for us to trade in that magic pill mentality for procedures, perseverance, good habits, dedication, work ethic, and teamwork.

All things take time, energy, effort and finances, and effort so do not assume it will be easy.For example - think about our jobs, we most likely had to find the job, apply and go on interviews, prepare for the interviews, (time, energy, effort). We had to wear the proper attire, and get to the interview (time, energy, effort. and resources). Once we got the job, we had to work at it. What if we were told, all that isn't necessary, all that we have to do is take this one pill, or do this simple task - and we get all of the aforementioned things, without going through the process. Would we even consider taking that person seriously? 

Instead, learning processes work. Procedures work. Good habits work. Work ethic - works.  If you would like to gain wealth look into how wealth is built. Look into how stocks, bonds, mutual funds, help gain wealth. Start a business, a blog, or a website. There are many ways to gain wealth but you must study these ways, plan and implement those plans. All things take time, energy, effort and finances, and effort so do not assume it will be easy.For example - think about our jobs, we most likely had to find the job, apply and go on interviews, prepare for the interviews, (time, energy, effort). We had to wear the proper attire, and get to the interview (time, energy, effort. and resources). Once we got the job, we had to work at it. What if we were told, all that isn't necessary, all that we have to do is take this one pill, or do this simple task - and we get all of the aforementioned things, without going through the process. Would we even consider taking that person seriously? 

This goes the same for being and staying healthy. You may have to commit to a food diary that allows you to see your nutrient intake at first but once you get the hang of it these healthy habits become natural. I highly recommend myfooddiary.com. It tracks your nutrient intake, calculates calories you burn, and much more. This helps you visualize what you are eating so if changes are necessary you know where to start. With this said you must realize discipline is crucial to achieving your goals. Discipline allows you to turn down that donut, to not buy that lottery ticket. Understanding and implementing what it takes to build wealth, health, and create a united family will bring the new black codes to reality so we can all prosper.